Friday, April 13, 2007

The truth about the last weeks (removed)

My lawyer told me to remove this entry because it could be a problem for the prosecution of my ex, and I want to see this bastard in jail for all he did to me. This chapter of my life is over anyway. I thank you all for your support. Wish me luck.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

It has finally happened!

No, not an orgasm, although I would wish so. The rings have been put in place this afternoon and I was expecting to be locked up with the padlock on Monday. To my surprise my master and lover suggested some bondage play for tonight. I was eager to do this, since we hadn't had too much sex since my infection. He tied me down with my legs spread wide apart. My hands were tied to the top of the bed and I was unable to move.

He liked every inch of my body, except for the parts where I needed it most. He teased me that way for over an hour. I was begging him for an orgasm all the time but he didn't give in. When he finally paid some attention to my pussy he only flicked his tongue over my clit a few times. He knew why he tied me down. I would have given me this orgasm myself if my hands would have been free. I was sweating like I was running a marathon. And I was as exhausted after the session. He tickled and teased me a little longer and finally brought me to the edge of orgasm. Not only once but 7 times. He made me count each time I hit the edge. I tried to cheat me over the edge but he knows my body too well. He planned to do 10 edges, but I told him that I feel like I will pass out if I don't cum right away. He didn't take the risk of going on but allowed me to calm down a little.

Then he showed me his surprise - the padlock he got for me. It was a little larger and heavier than expected, but he polished the edges so that they wouldn't hurt me. After all this stimulation and edging I begged him to finish this and start the chastity thing after an orgasm. I promised him that I would wear it two month if he only let me cum tonight. I was a little frightened when he told me he will consider the two month and put the padlock in place at the same time. He smiled and I realized he was just joking.

I heard a clicking sound when the padlock snapped in. It was quite cold on my clit but warmed up quickly. I didn't expect it to pull so hard on the rings, I guess I will get used to it. My master and lover made clear that he will not grant me this orgasm now but that I won't stay locked up for long. He untied me and I tried if the padlock can really prevent masturbation. I was shocked. I never thought it would be so tight. Trying to move it away would only inflict pain on my labia. I am also not sure anymore, if this thing really can be removed that easily without the key. But in case of emergency, my master and lover will keep the key near all the time.

What more should I say. I have never been that horny and must think about the pleasure of an orgasm all the time. The padlock pulling on my pussy forcing me to focus on this area of my body constantly doesn't help either. If I would have to wear this longer than I week I would go insane.

I have no more energy to proofread what I wrote, I need to find some rest. Good night and read you tomorrow!

Friday, March 9, 2007

My current situation

I have been away quite a while, but not without a reason. I did even consider letting this blog die down. Since I received a lot of mails lately asking if I am ok, I decided to restart writing about my situation.

To get those things out of they way, there were 2 reasons I stopped writing:

1) I was sharing very intimate experiences with the wide world, something I was not totally happy with. When some people started to accuse me of making those things up, I lost my motivation to share anything more. Once the voting was put on hold, I had no reason to make any more embarrassing details about my sex life public.

2) The second and even more severe reason was of a medical nature. I didn't believe the people telling me I was risking an infection, but they were right. Only a few days after the piercings were made I realized that something went terrible wrong. My doctor diagnosed a severe infection and I had to undergo treatment with antibiotics. At first it looked like I would suffer permanent damage and lose some of the piercings, but everything healed better than expected. I spare you the ugly details, but everyone considering a genital piercing should be really careful! This is nothing to be sloppy with!

The infection healed completely and finally the whole situation turned out well for me. Did I get my orgasm by now? No, I didn't. During the infection I still was incredible horny, but if you know what an infection in the genital area means, you will understand that I had no business masturbating during that time. So once everything was back to normal, I was asking my master and lover for release, being pretty sure he will allow me my orgasm after everything I went through.

I was mistaken. He convinced me that all the effort of getting the piercings would have been in vain, if they never were used for their purpose. I understand his point although my urge to cum gets bigger every day. If someone out there believes that you can get used to an orgasmless life, you are mistaken. It gets worse every day.

Currently I am looking forward to get the real piercing rings - the strong and secure ones - tomorrow afternoon. I don't know how long my master and lover plans on keeping me locked up, but he promised that it won't be long. I guess he wants to let me suffer for a few days, and I will have my orgasm finally next week.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Judgement Day 4 - Getting a chastity piercing

I knew I was in trouble when I got caught touching my pussy. After considering my situation I was pretty sure that I will not get my orgasm this weekend as I had hoped for. I was close to tears when I was thinking about my lost orgasm. But it was my own fault and I have to face the consequences.

My master and lover didn't speak to me when he arrived today. He ignored me completely until it was time for our weekly session. "You got votes for about 300 seconds of stimulation today. But after your failure this week you will understand our session will be a lot longer." These were his only words before he tied me to the bed. I expected he would follow a suggestion from a comment on this site and will overstimulate me after my orgasm. That would have been ok for me, having this orgasm would make up for any further punishment.

I was not that lucky. He didn't fixate the vibrator as usual but used it manually. And he used it like an expert. He brought me to the edge over and over, but I was not able to cum. He always turned the vibrator off when I was about to cum. The session lasted for over 2 hours, my throat is still soar from screaming and moaning.

When I was thinking I would go insane he stopped the torment. In a sharp voice he commanded that I will not have this orgasm anytime in the near future. And to make sure that I will not mess it up again as I did last week he suggested a special security measure - a chastity piercing. I wanted to argue with him but he told me there is no need to. If I want to do this, he would be very happy, but if I don't want to, it is ok for him. Making him happy will of course reduce the time to my next orgasm a lot.

He showed me some chastity pictures he printed out from the internet. I was not comfortable with this at first. But considering my failure this week I might need the help of such a piercing to prevent further fuck ups. And although I cannot imagine how I should go without an orgasm any longer, this seems to be the best way to do it.

My master and lover showed me different types of chastity piercings and we decided to have one with a padlock, like you can see it in this picture, just a little more secure:

I was still tied down on the bed while we had this discussion. He asked me if I am sure I want to have such a piercing and I answered him that I want one as soon as possible. He smiled for the first time today and it warmed my heart to see him smile again.

He told me that he had a surprise for me that he will show me later. But at first he wants to play a little more. He turned the vibrator back on and started to stimulate me again. With the same skill as before he made sure I reach the edge over and over without being able to climax. I fought against the restraints but I was not able to escape. I wanted to reach down and finish the job but I was not able. He is a bondage expert to.

After one more hour he put the vibrator away. He told me he didn't cum for the last few days when he was away and his balls are full and aching. He climbed on me and showed me his hard member. He fucked my mouth eagerly and my skilled tongue brought him to orgasm quickly. He told me not to swallow his cum as usual but to keep it in my mouth and gargle with it. This was quite hard because he really collected a lot of cum and he shot everything in my mouth.

After a few minutes the doorbell rang. Again? What's up with all the interruptions lately? I didn't understand what my master and lover was up to, but he went to the door indeed and opened it! I couldn't ask him about it, my mouth was full of his cum. Why didn't he ignore the bell? Did he expect someone?

Yes he did. The piercing thing was planed longer than I thought and to my surprised a good friend of ours entered the room. I was so ashamed. Lying there naked, on the brink of orgasm, spread wide in a pool of my own wetness and with the cum of my master and lover in my mouth. This friend has a piercing studio and I instantly know what this means. The same guy pierced my nipples a few month ago and did a very good job. He didn't look surprised, I guess he was told what to expect. He had a large suitcase with him, filled with everything he needed for different types of piercings.

I was allowed to swallow and was asked if I am still ok with this. To make a long story short, I agreed to the chastity piercing a second time and got it right away while being tied up. It was much more painful than I had expected it, but after the first ring was pierced, there was no going back. All 10 rings were pierced and my blood mixed up with my juices on the bedsheets. I had the feeling he rubbed over my clit more often than necessary, but the pain was too intense to allow real pleasure for me anyway.

The healing process will take about 4 weeks, but the padlock can be used after one week of aftercare. To prevent any cheating, the rings will be very small and the opening mechanism will be sealed with superglue. I will not be able to remove the padlock without the key. And I hope I will get the key as soon as possible!

At the moment I am really exhausted and I wonder how I was able to write such a long report about our session. Good night everyone, I hope I am still sure about my decision tomorrow morning.

Saturday, February 3, 2007

I fucked it up ...

Oh my god, I am so stupid. If anyone told me that I could be so foolish before, I wouldn't have believed it. Now I know what I am capable of.

I looked at the voting yesterday evening and it was already at over 300 more positive than negative votes. You can possible imagine how excited I was! After over a month without an orgasm and almost no stimulation I would finally be allowed to cum. And those 5 minutes would have made a good orgasm for sure.

I was alone at home and thinking about this orgasm occupied my mind completely. And although my master and lover told me every day that I am not allowed to touch my pussy at all, I couldn't resist it anymore. I wanted to feel at least the incredible wetness between my legs.

I reached inside my pants. The first touch felt like an explosion. My clit reacted instantly to the soft touch of my fingers. I just circled around my clit with my index finger and it felt so good. I never thought I could get so wet down there.

The good thing is, I could stop myself in time and didn't go any further. It was very hard for me, but I managed to pull my hand out of my pants again before I could do anything even more stupid.

I instantly knew that I have to tell my master and lover about this incident. I could only hope his punishment wouldn't be too severe. But it never came to any confession from my side anyway. A few minutes after the incident my mobile phone rang. It was him. I shivered when I picked up the phone. Could he knew what happened?

His voice was very angry. He told me that failure will not be tolerated and that I can expect appropriate punishment for what I did. How could he know what happened? Maybe there is a hidden camera in our house, otherwise I would not know how he could have gotten that information so quickly. This would also explain a few other strange things he said during the last weeks.

In the end it doesn't matter where he got his information from, the only thing that matters is that I broke the rules and will be punished accordingly. I have no idea what he is up to, but I expect the punishment to be severe. I really hope to get my orgasm anyway, but I doubt it at the moment. How could I fail so close before the final goal? I cannot believe it.

He will not be at home before tomorrow, and I didn't talk to him since this last phone call. In the end he mentioned that I should confess my failure here and that I should ask you for appropriate punishment. He has something on his mind already for me, but he is open to any suggestions. And I am not allowed to ask for mildness this time.

The voting is on hold until I get further instructions.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Judgement Day 3 - Almost there

Oh my god, we just finished our weekly session, and I am still shaking and my knees are weak. You know the setup by now, no need to explain it again. I had almost 200 seconds available, a little more than 3 minutes. Thank you all for voting for me, I really appreciate that!

I was so excited. After many days without any stimulation the vibrator felt like heaven. It gave me the most delicious sensations. My moans were filling the room and I didn't even care that my neighbors might here me. I felt totally separated from the world. It was only me and my pussy at that moment.

My arousal went up quickly, I approached this orgasm even faster than expected. I was almost there, could feel the orgasm approaching. Then the doorbell was ringing. It was like in a bad movie. Of course we didn't even consider opening the door, but my building orgasm was intercepted by that unexpected disturbance.

I was not allowed to see the clock that was counting down my 200 seconds, but I guessed there must have been at least one minute left. Quickly I was back into the feeling and my orgasm draw nearer and nearer. I pushed my clit harder on the vibrator. Yes, this time it would work! I could almost feel the orgasmic spasms approaching, when suddenly the vibrator was turned off! I tried to rub my clit on the turned off vibrator, but my master and lover removed it too fast. It felt like dying. I tried to argue with him, I got really angry. I shouted at him and said words I shouldn't repeat here. I didn't care if there was still someone at our front door and could here me.

He didn't give in. I have to wait another week. He also told me, that my bad behavior will have consequences. He will take a closer look at my overall behavior this week and decide what punishment is appropriate. Guess I will have to be extra sweet to him, I cannot risk losing my chance to orgasm next weekend.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Terrible news!

It seems like somebody mobilized a whole mob to prevent my orgasm! I got so many negative votes today like I got never before. I was looking forward to at least one minute of stimulation this weekend, but now I am below zero.

There is no direct punishment for being under zero, but since an absolute no touching rules has been added, I will get no stimulation as long as the votes are negative. I am not allowed to touch at all, except when I have to on the toilet or in the shower.

If this goes on like this for longer I might simple get insane. What do you want from me people, that you let my have this orgasm?? This is torture!