Sunday, February 4, 2007

Judgement Day 4 - Getting a chastity piercing

I knew I was in trouble when I got caught touching my pussy. After considering my situation I was pretty sure that I will not get my orgasm this weekend as I had hoped for. I was close to tears when I was thinking about my lost orgasm. But it was my own fault and I have to face the consequences.

My master and lover didn't speak to me when he arrived today. He ignored me completely until it was time for our weekly session. "You got votes for about 300 seconds of stimulation today. But after your failure this week you will understand our session will be a lot longer." These were his only words before he tied me to the bed. I expected he would follow a suggestion from a comment on this site and will overstimulate me after my orgasm. That would have been ok for me, having this orgasm would make up for any further punishment.

I was not that lucky. He didn't fixate the vibrator as usual but used it manually. And he used it like an expert. He brought me to the edge over and over, but I was not able to cum. He always turned the vibrator off when I was about to cum. The session lasted for over 2 hours, my throat is still soar from screaming and moaning.

When I was thinking I would go insane he stopped the torment. In a sharp voice he commanded that I will not have this orgasm anytime in the near future. And to make sure that I will not mess it up again as I did last week he suggested a special security measure - a chastity piercing. I wanted to argue with him but he told me there is no need to. If I want to do this, he would be very happy, but if I don't want to, it is ok for him. Making him happy will of course reduce the time to my next orgasm a lot.

He showed me some chastity pictures he printed out from the internet. I was not comfortable with this at first. But considering my failure this week I might need the help of such a piercing to prevent further fuck ups. And although I cannot imagine how I should go without an orgasm any longer, this seems to be the best way to do it.

My master and lover showed me different types of chastity piercings and we decided to have one with a padlock, like you can see it in this picture, just a little more secure:

I was still tied down on the bed while we had this discussion. He asked me if I am sure I want to have such a piercing and I answered him that I want one as soon as possible. He smiled for the first time today and it warmed my heart to see him smile again.

He told me that he had a surprise for me that he will show me later. But at first he wants to play a little more. He turned the vibrator back on and started to stimulate me again. With the same skill as before he made sure I reach the edge over and over without being able to climax. I fought against the restraints but I was not able to escape. I wanted to reach down and finish the job but I was not able. He is a bondage expert to.

After one more hour he put the vibrator away. He told me he didn't cum for the last few days when he was away and his balls are full and aching. He climbed on me and showed me his hard member. He fucked my mouth eagerly and my skilled tongue brought him to orgasm quickly. He told me not to swallow his cum as usual but to keep it in my mouth and gargle with it. This was quite hard because he really collected a lot of cum and he shot everything in my mouth.

After a few minutes the doorbell rang. Again? What's up with all the interruptions lately? I didn't understand what my master and lover was up to, but he went to the door indeed and opened it! I couldn't ask him about it, my mouth was full of his cum. Why didn't he ignore the bell? Did he expect someone?

Yes he did. The piercing thing was planed longer than I thought and to my surprised a good friend of ours entered the room. I was so ashamed. Lying there naked, on the brink of orgasm, spread wide in a pool of my own wetness and with the cum of my master and lover in my mouth. This friend has a piercing studio and I instantly know what this means. The same guy pierced my nipples a few month ago and did a very good job. He didn't look surprised, I guess he was told what to expect. He had a large suitcase with him, filled with everything he needed for different types of piercings.

I was allowed to swallow and was asked if I am still ok with this. To make a long story short, I agreed to the chastity piercing a second time and got it right away while being tied up. It was much more painful than I had expected it, but after the first ring was pierced, there was no going back. All 10 rings were pierced and my blood mixed up with my juices on the bedsheets. I had the feeling he rubbed over my clit more often than necessary, but the pain was too intense to allow real pleasure for me anyway.

The healing process will take about 4 weeks, but the padlock can be used after one week of aftercare. To prevent any cheating, the rings will be very small and the opening mechanism will be sealed with superglue. I will not be able to remove the padlock without the key. And I hope I will get the key as soon as possible!

At the moment I am really exhausted and I wonder how I was able to write such a long report about our session. Good night everyone, I hope I am still sure about my decision tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

This was the last thing I expected...
Don't you think your master is going a bit too far with this?

Anonymous said...

You went for longer than 5 minutes, so where is the video?

You said you were able to leave him at any time and the only penalty would be being without him. Now it seems that if you leave, you will be in chastity forever.

The lack of video, plus the fact that this sounds like some chastity fiction on altairboy's website gives me some hope that this is fake.

Anonymous said...

I believe being tied down and tormented is considered duress. I also believe consent under duress isn't considered true consent. I think coercing someone into consenting to something like this is criminal in some areas.

Kirsten said...

Yeah, I didn't except something like this either. Of course this is a very severe measure, but I think it is somehow appropriate after my failure.

Speaking about the video, this was meant as a bonus for people voting me over 5 minutes. Since the session was independent from any voting we didn't even think about taping it. Believe me, I had other thoughts on my mind that day, and we are not very comfortable with this video thing anyway. I can assure you this is not a fake, although I would prefer this myself. If you want to see some dirty video, there are enough places for this on the internet.

I wasn't coerced to do anything. I was asked twice and had both times the chance to say no to this. It was my own decision. No criminal intent at all. And although I am pierced already, I still have a whole week to think about this before the padlock is put in place. If I should come to the conclusion that the chastity idea is wrong, I can still get out of this.

Anonymous said...

I really don't care about the video, I suggested it because I knew it was the only way to get the forum of about 500 people to vote for you.

I asked about the video because I hoped that the lack of it would mean this is fake.

You said one of the reasons you didn't consider this abuse was because you could leave at any time. Now if you leave, you will have to face the penalty of being locked up forever (which, I believe, is considered coercion into staying).

"I wasn't coerced to do anything. I was asked twice and had both times the chance to say no to this." This occured while you were tied up and would be unable to protect yourself if he decided to harm you. I believe this is considered intimidation, which, I believe, is a form of coercion.

Also, I believe painful genital piercing without use of anesthetic is considered criminal in some areas.

However, most things I've said are based on living in the United States, and I am aware that the laws may be different where you live.

Anonymous said...

If he decides to punish you for touching the piercing or padlock, there is no advantage for you by wearing it. I think he's setting things up so you will not have a choice about how long your "games" last.

You said you would not do this again without setting limits. It seems he decided not to allow you to set any limits. Before you get the padlock, I hope you'll reconsider the results of the abuse checklist, and check some other abuse links from the home page.

Kirsten said...

To the first poster (hard to address all the anonymous entries correctly):
I'm sorry if I misunderstood you about the video. No, this whole thing isn't a fake, although I hope to wake up from it every morning only to find myself in bed still frustrated and orgasmless.

I thank you for your sympathy and your concern for my wellbeing. I didn't get anesthetics for my nipple piercing either, this is common practice here. I trust my master and lover and didn't feel forced into this decision. And I have still a whole week to reconsider the chastity idea. But understand your concern, because you don't know my master and lover. Thank you for your support!

To the second poster:
I thank you to for your concern and I can understand your worries. But even if I should decide to leave, my master and lover would not refuse to give me the key. I know him very well and if we should split up - something I cannot even imagine at the moment - he will not take revenge in any way. I think he knows my limits, and he would very likely stop this "game" before I have to make a final decision about leaving him, although I cannot count on that. He takes rules very seriously.

Anonymous said...

I have to say your report is greatly questionable. for one thing you don't mention any sort of sanitary measures taken and the fact that you claim to have been pierced right on your bed reeks of fiction. If this actually did occur you would be taking incredible risk of infections in the piercing sites, especially staph. the reason these and all piercings are normally done in studios is because they are sterilized before use. doing it in your home, and on your bedsheets no less means you were basically boring open sites into your body while swimming in a tub of your own filth. IF you did actually do this, you are incredibly foolish, and your partner has little or no regard for your health or safety, you're just a puppet to some abusive power tripping asswipe

Kirsten said...

I have no reason to make anything up. Nobody is forcing you to read my blog. You are free to leave whenever you want. I won't publish any further comments of readers accusing me of faking. I consider this a waste of time, answering the same questions over and over.

Calling my master and lover names will also accomplish nothing. He is a responsible man and I won't allow such accusations anymore.

In case - which I doubt - you really care, I can assure you that every necessary safety measure was in place. Our piercer is a professional, he knows what he is doing. He considered the environment save enough. Maybe it is too soon to tell this, but up to now no visible signs of an infection can be seen. He said there is always a risk of complications, but it is very unlikely that I will experience any problems.

Anonymous said...

Is there any chance of seeing this when the lock is in place? I have a similar idea in mind for my sub, and I am interested in seeing how your's turns out.

Delwin said...

To the anonymous who said this: "You said one of the reasons you didn't consider this abuse was because you could leave at any time. Now if you leave, you will have to face the penalty of being locked up forever"

Do you really think that something made of metal is necessarily unbreakable? If they break up, she'll easily find a way to remove the chastity device (by breaking it). There is ALWAYS a way out. The real probleme with chastity devices is usually to get out without the top/master knowing about it (and breaking the device would surelly qualify to make the top aware that something has happened). But if they break up, kirsten can destroy the device anytime she likes (and if the device looks remotely like the one on the picture, then she can do so without injuring herself)

So, as far as I'm concerned, as long as she is allowed to leave her master anytime she wants, (and that she can do so without any permanent injury), then this relation is NOT coerced in any way.

Kirsten, I hope you'll keep us up to date to anything that hapens to you. And I also hope you'll get your chastity device removed from time to time. You seem like a nice person to me.

PS: to all the anonymous, please use nicknames. It's a lot easier to know which anonymous said what if you use nicknames. (and it's only polite, on the web, to use a nickname other than "anonymous". even "anonymous#58" is ok)

Anonymous said...

delwin, she said: "the rings will be very small and the opening mechanism will be sealed with superglue. I will not be able to remove the padlock without the key.". I believe that if the device is that secure, an attempt to remove it would cause moderate to severe damage to her labia and clitoris (unless she tore the rings out, which would probably confine the damage to her labia).

Anonymous said...

There is a fair chance that if I use a name other than anonymous, people will not judge my posts on the merit of the content, but by their opinions of me based on what I have written before.

I have seen message boards where decent posts were ignored and derided because of the person that wrote the post. I feel it is best to remain anonymous, so my name will not affect someone's opinion of the post before it is read.

anon01 said...

"I believe that if the device is that secure, an attempt to remove it would cause moderate to severe damage..." A pair of wire snips would do well enough.

Anonymous said...

"A pair of wire snips would do well enough." Kirsten said the rings will be very small and the padlock cannot be removed without the key. I would guess that she had already thought about whether wire cutters would be able to fit between the ring and the bar before making that comment.

anon2 said...

what happened to this blog?
haven't seen any updates since 2 weeks ago

Anonymous said...

No updates in a month now. Is it safe to say this blog is dead?

neoecs said...

She's dead. Sorry.

anon2 said...

yeah seriously, what happened?

Anonymous said...

I hope nothing happened to her

Kirsten said...

No, I am not dead, although I had some health issues. You can read about the details in my current blog entry. Thanks for your caring words thou :).

To clear the situation about the chastity piercings - As far as I can tell it will be pretty impossible to get out of this device without the key and without damage to my genitals if I try it myself. If something should went wrong and I need to get this thing off me without a key, I am sure they have the necessary devices in a hospital. But I have no reason to even consider such a scenario. My master and lover would never hold back the key - no matter what will happen. I am sure about this.

Anonymous said...

"My master and lover would never hold back the key - no matter what will happen. I am sure about this."

You also trusted him about the piercing and you were sure it was safe.

It may seem strange to care about someone I don't know personally, but please reconsider staying with him before he finds another way to hurt you.

Kirsten said...

Yeah, it was a bad idea to get pierced without proper preparation, but he didn't want to hurt me. It was a mistake and we learned from it. He didn't hurt me on purpose. But thank you for caring about my safety :)

Anonymous said...

I hope he did not intend to hurt you.

I have heard that some people will intentionally get their partners sick to enforce dependence. However, I think that activity is uncommon, so I wouldn't be suspicious unless he is careless with your health again (unless he talks about enjoying your weakened state).

Anonymous said...

just seen this!
What kept you?
I've had one since early last year. Its Georgeous and I would'nt be without it now - even if it does take some getting used to

I have 2 friends who are pierced and sometime use similar padlocks.

love to you

(brixton london UK)