Saturday, March 10, 2007

It has finally happened!

No, not an orgasm, although I would wish so. The rings have been put in place this afternoon and I was expecting to be locked up with the padlock on Monday. To my surprise my master and lover suggested some bondage play for tonight. I was eager to do this, since we hadn't had too much sex since my infection. He tied me down with my legs spread wide apart. My hands were tied to the top of the bed and I was unable to move.

He liked every inch of my body, except for the parts where I needed it most. He teased me that way for over an hour. I was begging him for an orgasm all the time but he didn't give in. When he finally paid some attention to my pussy he only flicked his tongue over my clit a few times. He knew why he tied me down. I would have given me this orgasm myself if my hands would have been free. I was sweating like I was running a marathon. And I was as exhausted after the session. He tickled and teased me a little longer and finally brought me to the edge of orgasm. Not only once but 7 times. He made me count each time I hit the edge. I tried to cheat me over the edge but he knows my body too well. He planned to do 10 edges, but I told him that I feel like I will pass out if I don't cum right away. He didn't take the risk of going on but allowed me to calm down a little.

Then he showed me his surprise - the padlock he got for me. It was a little larger and heavier than expected, but he polished the edges so that they wouldn't hurt me. After all this stimulation and edging I begged him to finish this and start the chastity thing after an orgasm. I promised him that I would wear it two month if he only let me cum tonight. I was a little frightened when he told me he will consider the two month and put the padlock in place at the same time. He smiled and I realized he was just joking.

I heard a clicking sound when the padlock snapped in. It was quite cold on my clit but warmed up quickly. I didn't expect it to pull so hard on the rings, I guess I will get used to it. My master and lover made clear that he will not grant me this orgasm now but that I won't stay locked up for long. He untied me and I tried if the padlock can really prevent masturbation. I was shocked. I never thought it would be so tight. Trying to move it away would only inflict pain on my labia. I am also not sure anymore, if this thing really can be removed that easily without the key. But in case of emergency, my master and lover will keep the key near all the time.

What more should I say. I have never been that horny and must think about the pleasure of an orgasm all the time. The padlock pulling on my pussy forcing me to focus on this area of my body constantly doesn't help either. If I would have to wear this longer than I week I would go insane.

I have no more energy to proofread what I wrote, I need to find some rest. Good night and read you tomorrow!

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