Sunday, January 7, 2007

Please vote for my orgasm

It is a long story how I got myself into this, but I will try to make it short. Everything started when I discovered a website about female orgasm denial. I had this fantasy about my lover and master controlling my orgasms. When I told him so, he was quite eager to learn more about my wishes. Today I wish I never asked him to, but I wanted him to decide when I am allowed to have an orgasm and when I am not.

On Christmas Evening he told me about his cruel plans. He said it is too much of a burden to decide alone, when I am allowed to cum. Back than I had multiple orgasms nearly every night with him. Taking those away from me seemed too cruel to him. Therefor he invented the following game:

There is a strict no touching rule. I must not touch my tender parts when I am alone, only when I am together with him. He will make sure I get stimulation, but no orgasmic release. The only chance for me to orgasm is on every Saturday evening. He ties me with my legs spread to the bed and uses my Hitachi Magic Wand vibrator on my clitoris. He only turns it on to the low setting. I need at least 10 minutes to cum that way. Maybe over time when I get more desperate this will decrease.

How are you involved in this? The game is easy but cruel. I only get so many seconds of stimulation as I get votes for an orgasm from you. So please be kind and vote for me in the poll on the left side. This will add one second of stimulation for me. You can also leave a comment in my blog and tell my master to let me orgasm. Unfortunately he added another rule. If anyone doesn't want me to orgasm, this will erase one second. I hope nobody is that evil, but you also have a chance to make my suffering worse that way.

I am on denial since Christmas 2006. My first chance to cum will be next Sunday, 14th January. At the moment I am dripping wet and in desperate need of an orgasm. I really need to cum next week. I have to blow my master to orgasm daily, which gets me even more horny. Please, please, please, I need to end this game soon.


SirDraco7 said...

Hey there.
Good luck with your denial.

There is a girl on that site who is going to go without orgasm for all of 2007.
I think you should join her, she might enjoy a friend in denial that will last all year with her. ;)

You'll get no votes from me. at least untill 2k8. ;)

Anonymous said...

You might want to make the voting results visible on the same page as the vote. I think some people vote "no" as a joke without realizing that you already have a lot of "no" votes.