Monday, January 15, 2007

I will work for my orgasm

Spike, a visitor of this blog, suggested I should post a picture of my shaved pussy if I get to cum. I agreed to do this. Therefor he will give me a positive vote next week.

After reading this comment, my master and lover had the idea, that I should work for my orgasm. If anyone wants me to perform a certain task for a positive vote, my master and lover will make sure that I really do as I am told. Of course he must agree with the task. I will have to tell you the truth about following your orders. He reads this blog and if I should lie, this will be treated like failing and I will get the unbearable punishment I was talking about before. You can be sure that I will not dare to do so.

Please vote for me without any requirements. This idea could get out of hand really quick, so I hope you understand my situation and vote yes!


Anonymous said...

With the way the voting is going, I think the only way you'll get out of this is to record a session. This will benefit you because people will vote "yes" in the hopes of getting a longer recording. The recording probably should be done on the first Saturday of February to give people enough time to vote. The vote should be reworded to "I want to add/subtract one second" to give people a better understanding of what effect their vote has (and "do not care" should be removed because if someone didn't care, then that someone probably wouldn't vote anyway).

Kirsten said...

This is an interesting idea and I am sure this trick would work. But neither I nor my master and lover want to start something like this. Posting a single nude picture is one thing, publishing videos is totally different. It would be too embarrassing if somebody we know recognizes us.

Anonymous said...

If the only thing in the recording is you without your face showing (and maybe no sound if you're still worried), it would be difficult to recognize you.

I honestly believe this is the quickest way to end this.

Anonymous said...

If you only record the stimulation, then the amount of "yes" votes will directly influence the length of the recording. This will reward people for voting "yes" and encourage them to vote "yes". Since you already mentioned giving rewards for "yes" votes, I wouldn't consider this a "trick".